Unleash Your Creativity

Master the art of Flower Designing

For home arrangers, flower enthusiasts and the curious!

Therapeutic Artistry to be enjoyed by all!
School of Flowers, based in Boca Raton has brought the therapeutic artistry of flower designing to students of all ages and experiences for the past 20 years. In our fun-filled design studio, we have taught the latest floral design styles, color trends & secret techniques used by master floral designers. We’ve imagined great designs, experimented with our individual styles and created masterpieces we’ve been proud to share with the world. Everyone, regardless of design experience is welcome to join in our fun.

Let your designs reflect you and have fun building your beauty!

School of Flowers
Spring Centerpiece
Autumn Arrangement
School of Flowers
Summer Design

Our sessions have included-

Cottage Arrangement - A gathering of garden fresh elements and lively blooms to create a rustic composition of charm and beauty.

English Romance - Bring the romance of the Victorian era to your home in this delicate garden composition of pastels.

Seabreeze Bouquet - A serene, tranquil collection of creams and whites, with highlights of oceanic elements. 

Classic French Bouquet - Learn the secrets to creating the perfect garden bouquet as our instructor guides you through the French spiral technique. 

Coming Soon - Summer Tropical -2023

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